Blog & Wiki

Every student is required to create an account on the class website. This website hosts blogs and pages (wikis). Please wait 24 hours for your instructor to give you permission to write and edit.

For each reading assignment, you will be asked to...

  1. Write a response to a question on your own blog page, and
  2. Edit the appropriate page with new findings and insights to the subject.

How to...

  1. Register for this website by first clicking Register on the bottom of the right sidebar.
  2. Please wait for your instructor to edit your permissions. Until then, you are only able to comment.
  3. To add a new blog:

    At the top of the page, hover over "New," and click "Post." Type your response.

    Before clicking "publish," make sure to select your name under the "Categories" section:

  4. To edit a page:
    Simply click "edit" on either the top of the page, or directly below the passage.


What is a blog?
Short for "web log," a blog refers to online journaling. Answer the questions given for each assignment and read your peers' responses. These blogs will be graded based on content and whether or not you commented on any other posts.

What is a wiki?
Not to be confused with the popular website, the term "wiki" refers to a page that can be written collaboratively (written together with many other people). You will be expected to add and edit the information on the pages for each of the readings